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Google cuts 12,000 jobs as layoffs spread across tech industry

Google cuts 12,000 jobs as layoffs spread across tech industry

Google cuts 12,000 jobs as layoffs spread across tech industry

Hello everybody, I'm happy to share the following information about the crisis of Google's layoffs which astonished the world of tech industry.

Tech industry layoffs: what you need to know

The Information reports that Google's layoffs span nearly every division, including projects like Chrome, Search, Android, and Google Cloud. Its sources said they affected people who previously had "high performance ratings" and some managers who earned between $500,000 and $1 million.
Amazon confirmed to us a few months ago that the layoffs include jobs in its Devices and Services divisions. Then, in early January, hardware chief Dave Limp said on CNBC's TechCheck that layoffs affected nearly 2,000 people in his department, which is home to products like Alexa and its Echo smart home devices. Items identified include video calling devices for children and telehealth services.

Tech industry layoffs: what to do

Big tech and Wall Street titans are leading the wave of layoffs across the United States as companies seek to rein in costs to weather the economic downturn. Rapid rate hikes, weak consumer demand and a slowing Chinese economy have forced companies including Amazon, Walt Disney, Facebook owner Meta and Bank of America to lay off workers.
The gloomy outlook for the global economy in 2023 has prompted several large tech companies and Wall Street titans to lay off staff across all their global offices. Many tech companies, including Microsoft, Twitter and Meta, have already been affected by this wave of layoffs. On Friday, Google parent Alphabet began adding the latest company to the list of IT giants opting for layoffs.

Google's layoffs are just the beginning for the tech industry

Google's layoffs are just the latest in a bloody wave of technology layoffs as inflation weighs on consumer spending and rising interest rates limit funding. Demand for digital services has also eased during the pandemic as people return to offline life.

Google's layoffs are the latest in a series of layoffs at major tech companies. Companies with significant operations in Austin, including Amazon and Microsoft, have announced layoffs this month, but have declined to say how Austin workers might be affected. Over the past year, Austin-based Meta and Tesla have also laid off workers.

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