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Learn English: Phrasal Verbs with Come

Learn English: Phrasal Verbs with Come

Learn English: Phrasal Verbs with Come

Hey Guys, if you are looking for some uses of Phrasal Verbs, then you are in the right place.

What Are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs are a type of multi-word verb that includes a base verb and one or more particles. These particles can change the meaning of the base verb, making it more specific or idiomatic. One common base verb that is often used in phrasal verbs is "come." Here are a few examples of phrasal verbs that use "come" and their meanings:

Come across: To find or discover something by chance.

Example: "I came across an old photo of my grandparents while cleaning out the attic."

Come along: To make progress or to accompany someone.

Example: "How's the project coming along?"

Come around: To change one's opinion or to recover from an illness.

Example: "After some time, he came around to the idea of moving to a new city."

Come back: To return or to regain consciousness.

Example: "I'll be right back," she said, as she came back with her bag.

Come by: To visit or to acquire something.

Example: "I'll come by your house later to pick up the book."

Come down: To decrease or to descend.

Example: "The temperature came down a little bit after the storm."

Come in: To enter or to arrive.

Example: "Come in, the door is open."

Come out: To be revealed or to become known.

Example: "The truth about the affair came out during the trial."

Come up: To occur or to be mentioned.

Example: "A new idea came up during the meeting."

In the following video you can see and listen to some uses of Phrasal Verbs with 'Come' .

As you can see, the meaning of "come" can change significantly depending on the particle that is used with it. Remembering the meanings of these phrasal verbs can take some practice, but with time and exposure, they will become more natural to use in your writing and speech.
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