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3 Marketing Strategies for Promoting Brand Values

3 Marketing Strategies for Promoting Brand Values

Any successful brand's development must include the establishment of values.

But why are brand values, which sometimes seem so trivial, so essential to your company's success?

The opportunity to develop much-needed trust, loyalty, and familiarity with current and potential customers is provided by promoting brand values, which allows you to create an emotional connection with them.

Additionally, if prospective customers connect with your brand on a deeper level than simply wanting your goods and/or services, they are more likely to choose you over your rivals.

The process of creating that emotional connection and the trust, loyalty, and familiarity that go along with it will be much more challenging, if not impossible, if you don't have a strong foundation of values and are just sort of winging it.

Nevertheless, it will also be much more difficult to keep your branding and marketing consistent, which will make your company less recognisable and may give the impression that you are unsure of what your brand stands for, which could make you seem less trustworthy.

I believe it is safe to assume that if you are reading this article, you already know what brand values are and either have them already established or are in the process of doing so.

In light of this, I won't bother defining brand values or outlining their creation in this article.

You should start by reading about Why Creating Brand Values Is Vital to the Success of Your Business, if you haven't already done so. You should be aware of  what brand values are and why they're important for your company.

You should get all the information you require regarding brand values, their significance, and how to begin developing your own.

However, if you've already established your brand values or are in the process of doing so, you'll want to continue reading.

Because in this article I'm going to talk about the crucial next step of promoting brand values in your marketing, explain how to do it, and give some examples of how we've done this for our clients, so you can get a better idea of what's involved.

You've finally determined exactly what your brand stands for, developed that into a strong set of values, and are now prepared to share them with the world. How to Promote Brand Values in Your Marketing.

Or perhaps you're still defining those values and you're uncertain what you'll do with all those admirable goals.

In any case, you now need to understand how to effectively incorporate these values into your marketing in order to convey them to your audience and the wider world.

I believe that the best way to explain something is through an example, so below I've listed a few of the strategies we've employed to assist our clients in promoting brand values in their marketing so you can get a better idea of how to go about doing this.

READ: Why Your Company's Success Depends on the Consistency (or Lack thereof) of Your Brand.

Maintaining consistency is essential when presenting your brand to the public.

Without that consistency, you run the risk of perplexing your target market, losing your identity, and undermining any brand recognition and trust that may already exist.

So, if you're developing your brand and want to learn more about how to make sure it's consistent, you should read this article.

It clarifies what brand consistency is, why it's crucial, offers tips on how to keep your branding on point, and lists some of the most egregious examples of inconsistent branding gone wrong.

Continue to read here.

Blogging Is A Great Way To Promote Brand Values In Your Marketing.

You can approach this in a number of ways, some of which are more successful than others.

You could be completely direct and write blogs about your brand values and why they matter to you, or you could be more subtly explicit by letting your readers know your values through the tone of your writing, the information you choose to provide, the manner in which you provide it, and your opinions on topics that are important to what you do.

Instead of hammering the reader with a barrage of virtue signaling, we typically take the latter course of action.

I'd have to go with the work we did for Dr. Dheshnie Thangavelu, owner of the Deez Skin Rej├╣ and Pain Clinic in Vancouver, as the best example of this in terms of what we've done for our clients.

Dr. We keep Dheshnie's brand values in mind as we work with her to produce her monthly blogs, values like honesty, integrity, and trust.

Dr. Dheshnie is unafraid to be completely honest in these blogs about some of the dubious behavior of those working in her field.

Dr. Dheshnie has criticized other medical spas for actions like dilution of their dermal fillers, for instance.

From our perspective, it was the ideal way to set Dr. Dheshnie apart from the competition and effectively communicate her brand values by demonstrating that she is an honest, trustworthy woman. Some marketers may have deemed this a particularly risky move because it speaks poorly of the industry as a whole.

Dr. Dheshnie is also not at all hesitant to discuss all of the details of her treatments, both good and bad, and this also aids her in promoting brand values in her marketing. She doesn't try to sugarcoat anything and gets right to the point.

Before listing a lengthy list of potential complications, the first paragraph under this heading informs the reader that this is a "painful procedure.".

Sure, she could try to minimize these issues or even avoid discussing them at all, but in the end, doing so would damage Dr. Dheshnie's credibility because it goes against her brand's core principles.

As a result, you should follow Dr. Dheshnie's lead and always ensure that the content of your blogs is consistent with your brand values if you want to use blogs to promote brand values.

How to Promote Brand Values With Your Website

Your website, which also provides some of the best opportunities to promote brand values, is the most crucial marketing tool you will ever have.

A website will serve as the primary point of contact for your brand, assisting you in generating qualified leads, expanding your clientele, and showcasing your company in the best possible light so that people will have a positive first impression of you when they find you online.

Any website worth its salt should be excellent at promoting brand values, but if I had to name one client whose website is most pertinent to this, it would be Rose Marie Swanson's.

As a spiritual coach, Rose Marie helps people work through problems in their spiritual lives in a similar way to how a clinical counselor would assist a client with their mental health.

Her first website was made by us back in 2015, and it currently appears to be quite outdated.

Later, earlier this year, as part of a complete overhaul of her personal brand, she asked us to redesign her website. As you can see, it looks much better than her previous one.

Rose Marie's new website does a fantastic job of communicating her brand's values through the imagery and the copy.

However, I won't go into all of that because I want to use this example to illustrate something more significant that is more important.

Many of you are probably wondering why I'm comparing different versions of Rose Marie's website in a post about how to promote brand values, but bear with me.

People will judge your credibility and, by extension, your values, based solely on the appearance of your website, without even reading any of the copy, which is something that's frequently overlooked when it comes to websites.

Even though this has been demonstrated in at least one scientific study, it is still patently obvious in any case.

Consequently, how does this apply to promoting brand values?

Well, let's face it, people aren't going to be inclined to take your brand's values seriously if they're being conveyed through a website that appears to have been created 20 years ago or by a high school student.

Therefore, you must ensure that it appears professional if you want to ensure that you can effectively promote brand values using your website.

If it doesn't, you can advocate for any brand values you choose, and people will still hold you in low regard, no matter what they may be.

Please read Why Building Trust is So Important for a Successful Rebrand if you're interested in learning more about the work we've done for Rose Marie over the years.

How to Promote Brand Values With Email Marketing

Email marketing offers yet another fantastic chance to advertise your brand's core principles.

Email marketing enables you to consistently communicate your brand values to potential customers on a regular basis and maintain familiarity with those who are interested in what you have to offer, whether it's a newsletter, auto-responder series, or some kind of promotional message.

Due to the fact that we do a lot of email marketing for clients and there are so many excellent examples, it was extremely difficult for me to choose a client to highlight for this marketing strategy.

But if I had to pick one of the clients we've worked with who, in my opinion, best communicates their brand values through the email marketing we carry out on their behalf, it would have to be Kali Dayton of Dayton ICU Consulting.

With regard to patients receiving mechanical ventilation, Kali provides consulting services to assist hospitals in implementing evidence-based practices. Along with her overarching goal of improving care for ICU patients and working conditions for ICU staff, her brand values also include compassion and dedication.

She is very outspoken about the benefits these practices can have on patient outcomes and working conditions for clinicians, and this comes through in every aspect of her marketing.

She is also not afraid to point out the detrimental effects that a lack of evidence-based practices can have on clinicians and patients, despite the fact that this is a highly contentious issue in the medical community, not least because it could give hospitals a bad reputation.

In light of this, one of the key ways to represent Kali's brand values is to make sure she presents a professional image and voice while emphasizing her subject-matter expertise.

The first thing that helps to demonstrate that knowledge is the picture of Kali in her newsletter's header. As you can see, she made sure to have her picture taken in a white lab coat to imply that she is a clinician and, as a result, is knowledgeable about this topic.

You can see that she doesn't hold back and that her passion for this issue is evident when she speaks bluntly about the harsh reality of ICU care for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome directly below the header.

Additionally, Kali's newsletter features her monthly article, which typically lists some of the best and worst instances of the care patients receive when they are on mechanical ventilation.

Additionally, she doesn't hold back when discussing the treatment of ARDS patients in the ICU and is unafraid of stirring up a debate.

There is more than enough proof that Kali is genuinely passionate about this issue, has great compassion for these ICU patients, and is committed to improving ICU procedures thanks to her brutal honesty on topics like these, which might make her a pariah in the medical community.

Take a cue from Kali and don't be afraid to be aggressive if you want to promote your brand values through a newsletter or any other form of email marketing. Be genuine and unafraid to express your brand's values, allowing their sincerity to come through.

We have more than 20 years of experience assisting business owners in building their brands, so if you're feeling overwhelmed about how to promote brand values in your marketing, contact us. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about what we can do for you.

In the end I wish you all the best luck in promoting your brand values.

Inspired by:  SUSAN FRIESEN 

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