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A Deadly Plane Crash in Nepal

A Deadly Plane Crash in Nepal
A Deadly Plane Crash in Nepal

The Yeti Airlines domestic flight crashed in Pokhara, Nepal on Sunday killed at least 68 people, making it the worst aviation disaster to strike the impoverished Himalayan country in three decades.

Hundreds of rescuers searched the hillside near the crash site of the plane carrying 72 people from Kathmandu. Late in the day, officials announced that they would stop the day's search operations and resume them on Monday.

Rescuers were seen scurrying around damaged airplane parts in earlier local TV footage. There were burn marks and flame licks on some of the nearby ground.

It had been clear and there was no instant indication of the cause of the crash.

It was the deadliest air crash to occur in Nepal since 1992. According to the Aviation Safety Network database, 167 people were killed when a Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A300 crashed into a hillside as it approached Kathmandu.

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